Monday, December 12, 2011

Stuff From Last Week

Ok. So my horse is honestly fantastic. I rode him wednesday and we just flatted but I decided that instead of worrying about frame I would just give him his head so he would stretch his neck long and low. It was awesome, I got the trot I've been working so hard on getting and his head was perfect !
Thursday my usual coach was not there, so my lesson wasn't as great as usual but it was still pretty good. He seems to be jumping diagonal jumps without a second thought now! The only problem was he was SO lazy he would sometimes crash through the jumps..oops. Oh well at least he is getting confident with them and not worrying about them eating him :)
His usual training ride would have been Friday, but Jackie was still off so he got Friday and Saturday off.
Yesterday I was worried about the crazy pony I was going to get on, but he was amazing. When I first asked him to pick up a trot he through his head all over the place but after he got those few beans out he was amazing.
I was trotting around with no hands doing circles and diagonals! I was so impressed. Love him. We only trotted because my focus was getting the same relaxed floaty trot, and it took about 40 minutes to get his full concentration. For such a green bean hes amazing. I am so blessed !