Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jumping to success?

The past Tuesday and Thursday I had a lesson on Malibu. He has actually been fantastic. Tuesday we worked a lot on bending, today we worked a lot on stretching long and low. I'm so impressed with him, he's amazing sometimes I forget he's so new to this whole thing.

He's is getting really good with bending , except to the right (only at one end of the arena)...other than that he's basically a pro ;) but you definitely have to ride through it all.

I've also found to encourage him to pick up the left lead you need to lift your left hand and ask with your inside leg and not really the outside leg.

We also started to ask him for lead changes today...he swapped the front! Progress! :)

THis is from tuesday, look at his cute little knees! Ignore my leg tho :$


  1. It took Cadence like from March till September to actually be able to stretch in the trot at a reasonable pace. She's got an amazing free walk, but in the trot she was more interested in going for a gallop :)

    Malibu matches the ground rail...

  2. Ahahah awe..
    No he doesn't KT hes cuter than a ground pole ;)

  3. Come on, if you put the blue thing on the wall on him, he'd be totally matched up with it! Can you even put the blue thing on him? I don't really know what it is...
    Yes, he is much cuter than a 12' x 2" piece of wood... even if it is painted funky colours. Doesn't mean he can't match it though :)